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What Is A Charm?

What is a charm?

Charms are individual jewellery pieces that allow you to make unique jewellery designs. We offer three styles of handcrafted charms – necklace and bracelet charms, hoop charms, and bangle charms. Perfect for everyday wear, many of our charms are customizable with free engraving, a mix of gemstones, colour-enameled options, and your choice of precious metals. 

Necklace and Bracelet charms
Necklace and bracelet charms are dainty jewellery pieces that embellish necklaces and bracelets. Our charms feature 3mm jump rings that easily slide over the end rings of our fine-link chains or one of your own. Choose yours individually or paired with a necklace or bracelet.

Hoop charm
Hoop charms are dainty charms that are used to personalised hoop earrings to create a one-of-a-kind unique look. We offer two types of hoop charms made with tiny jump rings designed specifically for either Lee Fiori hoop earrings or Scosha X hoop earrings. 

Bangle charm
Bangle charms are dainty charms that embellish our classic or dainty bangle bracelets. These charms are designed with tiny jump rings so they cannot be removed or lost. At this time, we only offer these charms with the purchase of a bangle and are not available individually.