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My Sterling Silver Ring Is Tarnishing. What Should I Do?
Sterling silver jewellery (as well as other items made of sterling silver) can tarnish when exposed to certain environments which cause chemical reactions on the surface of the metal. Everyday products...
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Why Is My Finger Turning Green?
"Green finger" is a reaction to the metal alloys added to genuine silver and gold. As most precious metals are too soft to be used alone in jewellery making, alloys are added to provide the strength...
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Why Is My Sterling Silver Jewellery Tarnishing?
Silver tarnishes due to a reaction with something in the environment. Sterling silver could tarnish when exposed to household cleaning products, hair products, some lotions and even chlorine in the...
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What Is Sterling Silver?
Sterling silver is the most affordable precious metal and has a bright white shine. It is a soft, white precious metal that can be used for many things including making jewellery. Pure silver is very...
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How Do I Store My Jewellery?
When not wearing your jewellery, we highly recommend storing it in a safe place or pouch. This helps prevent scratching and maintains the overall look and appearance of your jewellery. Always remove...
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What Is Gold?
Gold is a chemical element with a bright, slightly reddish yellow colour. This precious metal is soft and malleable and is mixed with other metals to produce harder, more workable metal with a...
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What Is 18kt Gold Vermeil?
18kt Gold Vermeil is a specific gold-finish – our 18kt Gold Vermeil on Sterling Silver is made from a 2.5-micron thick layer of 18kt yellow gold plated over solid sterling silver. It is the ultimate...
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What Is The Difference Between 9kt and 14kt Gold?
The term "karat" designates the amount of gold found in a piece of jewellery. Jewellery is commonly made in 9kt, 14kt, and 18kt, as pure gold is mixed with other metals to produce a harder, more...
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What Is Hallmarking?
Hallmarking is a way to define the metal content of a piece of jewellery. Metals are tested and if they meet a certain minimal purity requirement they are marked with a specified seal called a...
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What Does The "kt" Mean When Referring To Gold?
The “kt" in 9kt and 14kt gold refers to the carat of gold. The term "karat" (kt) designates the amount of gold found in a piece of jewellery. Pure gold is 24kt and signifies 99.9 percent purity, the...
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