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Caring For My Jewellery

How Do I Care For Gold Jewellery?
Keep your gold looking its best by cleaning in warm water with dish soap. Soak, then gently scrub with a clean, soft toothbrush. Rinse in warm water and pat dry. Store individually in its pouch to...
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My Sterling Silver Ring Is Tarnishing. What Should I Do?
Sterling silver jewellery (as well as other items made of sterling silver) can tarnish when exposed to certain environments which cause chemical reactions on the surface of the metal. Everyday products...
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How Do I Untangle My Chain?
To safely untangle your chain without damage, you will need two fine-point needles and a dab of oil (baby oil, olive oil, vegetable oil, etc.) First, place the chain on a flat surface, as holding the...
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How Do I Care For My Opal?
Opal flashes colors as the stone moves. This phenomenon is called play-of-colour and no two opals are exactly alike. Opals are cut and polished into cabochons to best feature their unique display....
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How Do I Care For My Jewellery?
The best way to care for fine jewellery is to periodically clean your pieces using warm water, mild dish soap, and a soft brush. Polish using a soft, lint-free cloth, and store your pieces individually...
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How Should I Clean My Jewellery?
We recommend you periodically clean your jewellery in warm water and mild detergent to maintain its shine. Use a toothbrush or other soft brush to dislodge any pieces of dirt that may be stuck to the...
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