At Lee Fiori, we believe it is important for our jewellery to remain in qualified hands. As such, we have our all our jewellery hallmarked at the renowned and respected Edinburgh Assay Office (EAO), guaranteeing that our customers are getting nothing but the very best.


Hallmarks are a series of marks stamped on jewellery or other precious metal items, that can only be applied by an independent Government-authorised Assay Office. At Lee Fiori, we take pride in the craftsmanship of our jewellery, and the Hallmark guarantees that the precious metal content used to make our jewellery is of the finest quality.


The Hallmark stamped on your Lee Fiori jewellery will be in an inconspicuous location, and will consist of at least three compulsory parts:

1. The Sponsor's Mark – This unique mark identifies the maker or sponsor who has sent the items to be hallmarked.

2. The Fineness Mark – Denotes the fineness of the metal. The purity of the precious metal content is recorded in parts per 1000. For example, 14 karat gold jewellery must contain 585 parts per 1000 of pure gold. Gold jewellery meeting this standard will be marked with 585 to denote 14 karat.

3. The Assay Office Mark – Indicates which UK Assay Office tested and marked the item.


FROM LEFT: Our Sponsor's Mark, the Fineness Mark for 14kt gold, and The Assay Office Mark of Edinburgh.



In operation since 1457, the official Assay Office Mark of Edinburgh carefully tests and hallmarks precious metals to ensure their fineness and quality. The EAO has been committed to protecting consumers for more than 500 years, winning UK industry awards for its customer service and superior workmanship. Please visit the Edinburgh Assay Office to learn more.

Lee Fiori is a member of the Assay Assured scheme which was developed to protect online jewellery shoppers. All retailers signed up to the scheme are subject to website audits and agree that any problems with precious metals purchased will be independently resolved at no charge to the customer. Please visit Assay Assured to learn more.