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What Does The "kt" Mean When Referring To Gold?

The “kt" in 9kt and 14kt gold refers to the carat of gold. The term "karat" (kt) designates the amount of gold found in a piece of jewellery. Pure gold is 24kt and signifies 99.9 percent purity, the highest you can buy. Pure gold is very soft. Jewellery is often made in 9kt, 14kt or 18kt. These indicate the content of gold per karat.

9kt gold is 41.67% gold; 14kt is 58.33% gold; 18kt is 75% gold. 

Gold is mixed with other alloys to produce a harder, more workable metal that can be used for making jewellery. Lee Fiori offers a selection of 9kt and 14kt white, yellow, and rose gold.