Why Is My Sterling Silver Jewelry Tarnishing?

Silver tarnishes due to a reaction with something in the environment.  Sterling silver could tarnish when exposed to household cleaning products, hair products, some lotions and even chlorine in the pool. Humidity levels inside your home or office can also cause silver to tarnish more quickly. 

All sterling silver tarnishes which is why jewellery needs to be cared for on a frequent basis.  Tarnishing is easily removed with silver cleaner or with some homemade solutions.  There are a multitude of silver cleaning products available for sale both online and at local department stores.

Keep your silver looking its best by wearing it often to keep tarnish at bay. Avoid chemicals – including chlorine in swimming pools, lotions, cosmetics and fragrances that can cause tarnishing. After wearing, wash in warm water and pat dry with a soft, non-abrasive cloth. Store individually in its pouch to prevent scratching.